Salesforce CPQ Plus

Planned and unplanned maintenance of Quote-to-Cash services and packages are listed below.

All normal maintenance is scheduled for low-volume hours. Emergency service maintenance or push upgrades of patches may be executed with little or no notice. Maintenance upgrades require no intervention or downtime for our customers.


As part of the CPQ Automatic Upgrades program, all orgs are gradually being automatically upgraded to the latest CPQ Summer '18 and soon Winter '19 (216) releases. If you are currently on Summer '17 (208) or newer of CPQ, read the upcoming maintenance schedule below to see when your instances will be upgraded.

For more information about CPQ Automatic Upgrades review the article Upgrading Salesforce CPQ to the latest release.

Upcoming Releases

Name Version When Instances Status Summary
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Recent Releases

Name Version When Instances Status Summary
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Package Installation Links

All customers must test new releases of all packages in a Sandbox environment prior to installing into Production. If a problem is encountered, log a case immediately with customer support.

To ensure proper performance of Salesforce packages, it is highly recommended that customers always upgrade their internet browsers prior to the latest available versions. Only the latest major internet browsers are supported; older browsers may not function correctly.


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